Why We Bill

In 2010, our leadership was faced with a hard decision driven by rising call volumes along with the rising cost of supplies and equipment combined with dwindling donations.  Having had a hard time making ends meet, it was presented by our leaders and adopted by our membership that we would begin to bill for services rendered.  Our agency prescribes to a very specific type of billing referred to as “soft billing” in which patients are not held liable for payment beyond what is remitted by their insurance.  We continue to serve every patient with the utmost care no matter their ability to pay.

We are an all-volunteer agency and billing is a means to an end for us, not a way to secure a profit.

In addition to the funds received from patient care provided, we also continue to hold an annual Fund Drive mailer and other fundraisers as well.  These programs still remain vital to our operations due to both our gracious “soft billing” policies that have (and never will) send a patient to collections.  When you receive our letters or see us out and about, please remember this as you give.